Late summer

How has September started! It was an amazing weekend and it’s only the beginning. The next one will probably attend another party and the following I will have visit, so we’ll go to have some fun somewhere else.

Seems that BDSM in Madrid is in full swing and it’s fantastic. So glad to be back from vacation this way 馃榾

But not all are parties and events, although I have no complaints about my day to day, it’s exactly as I like.

My mind is restless and always concocts new ways to enjoy, I love put face and voice to those of you I know online and die of laughter in good company, so The Oasis Of Sado is already plotting new meetings and soon I’ll tell the news.

Today I’ll be a little serious and solve some important things. The end of summer is coming, but I think this one will be a very special autumn ;)

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