Lies and truths

There are true masters of deception, but most of the time it’s enough to focus a bit on body language and issues that are avoided, or even in the different responses to the same question asked differently.

Into a presentation of a submissive, for example, they try to show docile and willing to serve, hide what they do not want to reveal and, as often happens in a curriculum, they inflate it with whatever they think good to not being discarded.

For me it’s much more effective an interview in person, if possible, or a series of online questions in real time, with the necessary requirements, where I see much more than what was originally intended to show, plus I allow them to see how I am.

The more attraction we feel toward someone, is not a good idea to hold on to what we would like that someone is, but how he really is. We will avoid a lot of detours and wasting time in conjecture or useless hope.

And this is bidirectional, both to one side as the other, the more wonderful I can say that I am perhaps finally I’m not the right Domme for the interviewee in question or not arise any feeling with which to begin.

I can suggest to you not to show yourselves the way you think you should be, but just as you are. Femdoms are bored to have to get you out the answers with corkscrew, but also the long monologues about yourself 馃檪

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