Some people need to create controversy. They may not know another way to get noticed, or maybe they really are so, ie, totally dispensable. Anyway, I appreciate the option of blocking (and my ability to ignore what does not interest me).

These surreal fights that arise in any site What matters to me if supersub has insulted LadySomething and she stirs as the Tasmanian devil for all to see how dangerous she is? How nice it is to walk out for a while and have a drink with someone and get him nervous directly 馃榾

The online altercations are like when we found a road accident. Everyone stops, not to help, but to see if there is something macabre to enjoy and with the curiosity to see the destruction in cars, the more the better.

It’s not easy to get prominently space in the FemDom community, but there are better ways to do that. Unless what you want is to be known for your fights and not for your skills. The Dominant personality does not increase with the number of insults or lies you spend left and right, this has another name.

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