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I keep jammed with my website, there are things I want to modify, but the guy that helps me is overworked, plus other offers of help I have received have been rather vague.

So I thought something might be a little more fun.

One of the things I want to do is renew my banners and I’d love getting your creations. No rules, types, sizes or conditions, though, keep in mind that a banner do not have the size of a normal photograph. Send those you want, free hand in creativity, I’ll choose the most beautiful and original (perhaps more than one).

No need to be a computer genius, simply capture the imagination using one (or more) of my photos and text that you think appropriate.

So I’ll see your skills and might choose someone who can work with me with new ideas. I‘m sure there are very good hidden artists who enjoy these things.

Maybe you are chosen, do you dare? 馃槈

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