A wonderful and very punishable rascal told me yesterday that in some of my posts he sees me a little fed up.

Not so, I live the life I‘ve chosen and I think it would become very difficult to live otherwise. What would I do not being in control of my life, of those lives that I have in my hands? Sure would seek the way to find and dominate others, lol.

I like my life, with its advantages and disadvantages, what do exceeds me sometimes is hypocrisy or certain delirious attitudes but, as my kitty says, are part of the landscape.

And there is so much to do

Write a post every day is playing all sorts of topics, so it’s logical that some sound annoyed, since I live in the world, in this world, not a pink world apart.

And yet everything has its positive side. There are people and situations that, awful as they are, can pluck us a few laughs, if only because pure surrealism. I laugh even of myself and I have really great times 馃槈

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