Using insecticide

I don’t know whether to call it naivete, desperate attempt or sheer stupidity, but phrases like “I want you to be my Mistress“, “Hello, baby,” and the like… We all get such feats of originality.

Certainly there are many people with a total ignorance of our subculture, but if your nick is subjoseph try at least find out about the behavior of a submissive.

I don’t know if we are taken for mentally retarded, for bored women who are willing any cretin devote us a phrase for us to use our empty time to entertain them (this is clearly an irony), for (as I read somewhere surprisingly fom some specimen, I swear) pissed off submissives

It’s like when someone says to have no limits whatsoever. Here I usually drop something filling like “oh well, then you’ll not mind I amputate you something on our first date, I’ll take instruments and something to cauterize, no plan you die in our first time.” They rectify immediately and begin to find limits everywhere, lol.

It’s no crime to be a novice, as we all started at some point, indeed, I myself initiated a few good submissives, but if you use internet to fool around, know that in the same internet there are thousands and thousands of pages dedicated to subject matter and the reading is not going to hurt you. Get informed before you ruin everything and will avoid having to open 200 profiles/nicks to see if there is more luck with the next one ;)

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