Collars and trinkets

For many people a collar of ownership is not more than just a trinket that complements a “costume”, but for others is something serious, a symbol of property that deserves respect.

There are people who play to spread collars (and others gladly accept them) omitting the meaning a collar has for many of us.

I own slaves that are at my feet from a time ago and still not wear my collar, even may will never do it because, after several bad experiences, I select very well who deserves it and who is not worth.

A collar is a compromise between stakeholders, something that deserves to be honored with all care and dedication, both in attitude and behavior. It means acceptance by both sides, sacrifice of the wearer and responsibility of the Owner.

It can be a complement in the game of a session, with all the excitement being awarded. But, even when used in a timely sesión or a code event without much significance, to wear it out of it without any greater meaning, does not seem too respectful.

To me, a collar is much more than a piece of leather or steel. And yes, we all are free to do what we want, but collars that CruelDama imposes are not for show.

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