My experiences

I started writing a blog because I had things to say about FemDom and Financial Domination.

Gradually took shape as I went adding some experiences, anecdotes, personal opinions and my own images.

Those who read me encouraged me to carry on (and keep doing), so the blog started to be very renowned for related people and detractors.

Nowadays are many of you that find me at an event or even on the street and approach to greet me. Aw, you are CruelDama, the Domina who has a blog, a pleasure to greet you.” And I love you to do it, is marvelous to see you’re there, that my little daily effort has recipients.

But there is something I always say: what you read here are my experiences, my way of living FemDom, my opinions and my points of view.

I’m not a guru, but a Dominant woman sharing here some snippets of her life. There are many other lives and many other ways of viewing things. Form up your own opinions, live your own experiences, is the way in which FemDom gets enriched.

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