Nobody is perfect

There are people whom we get along right away, with whom we share tastes and opinions, people with whom there is nothing in common and people who make us feel rejection even without knowing them.

For my part I give opportunities, though I do not usually go wrong in my initial assessments.

I’m pretty extrovert and I like to talk with everyone. Those who know me you know. I respect all kinds of trends, preferences, practices and opinions, though not always agree.

You have not seen me (or read) disrespecting anyone, even on those occasions when they‘ve earned it the hard way, because I believe in washing dirty linen in private.

My nickname wakes contradictory feelings and there is the false belief that Cruel is synonymous with rude or arrogant, when thing I am is sadist. And we tend to forget the second part, Dama (Lady), a woman that, although does not own noble titles, has certain education and good manners.

But do not look for a perfect woman in me. I‘m not.

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