Not difficult

I come back to a subject that I’ve written on several occasions. Let’s see…Oh, Powerful and Sublime CruelDama, I bow at Your feet to serve you”. Sounds wonderful, right?, but such CruelDama removes 50 messages like this every morning and continue with her life without bothering to answer a single one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that you get hard sending me an email of this type, sign of good health, but my website is more than clear about how you can reach me and that I test you. Your fantasies are just that, your fantasies. And I’m afraid I have more to do than read your desires.

Oh, how arrogant! Well, sometimes it’s inevitable. I am a Dominant Female, no the foolish that holds the stories to everyone who decide that wants to be distracted for a while.

Some of you still remember a website I had years ago, one that spoke in terms like, “you‘re just a cockroach and you need me to give meaning to your miserable life”. It was great, in fact I liked it a lot. But I realized that it was perfect to provide free masturbation material; you were many who logged there for that and not even a thank you” to the author, my little vicious.

There is always a place in my stable for a good servant, but I have no time for endless movies.

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