Gimme the power

Normally, when someone asks a Domina what’s the first thing she prefers to have from a submissive, usually answers: control.

Control is fascinating, not me who will deny it, but I think it’s not the first thing I want from a being at my feet.

A couple of days ago the fabulous MistressCnLA asked on Twitter as a test: Femdoms, Would you rather have !? #Power #Money or #Control FIRST? #Femdom Balancing Act! Hahahaha ~ Lets See the results馃檪 XXX. Well, I don’t know what the answers were, but mine was unequivocal: power.

With the power you have it all and, after all, power is the purpose of my Domination. The indescribable sensations to have someone at my mercy, with prerogatives of decision, knowing I can do whatever I wish.

The three things are fetishes for me. Control motivates me, money excites me, but power is the goal.

And no, I neither exclude nor waive any of the three 馃榾

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