Love or desire

Even decorated with words like love, for example, sexual desire is a primal instinct. I’m not saying they can not go together, but are often confused with each other.

Libido (desires and pulsions) is influenced by factors as diverse as (and I quote just a few) physical and hormonal state, the climate, the way we perceive the object of desire, dreams, conscious and unconscious fantasies

Infatuation is fleeting, its duration depends on the value you assign to your loved one.

There are also partial sexual instincts: oral, anal, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism

Where do I want to go? Those “I love you” some people say so blithely neither cause the same effect on everyone nor have the same meaning for everyone. I have heard them so many times that my attention is probably more focused on the sound of falling rain if both sounds coincide simultaneously, ie, do not cause me a significant reaction. And certainly not when who says it is someone who has not my confidence.

Many men throw an “I love youbecause, perhaps because of their socio-cultural background or because they have seen it in a silly movie, they believe it is what any woman wants to hear, forgetting that not all women are the same.

I maintain affective relationships with several of my slaves but, you know, the dog loves you, the Cat allows you to love Her 馃槈

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