In a good mood

There are days when everything seems a bit absurd, don’t you think so? I think I have one of those days. Everything makes me smile today.

I’ve laughed signing the delivery the postman brought for me. I don’t know what he must have thought, I think his attention was more focused on my cleavage.

If he only knew what was inside the box he brought me

I know nothing of his life, nor do I care. His relationship with me is limited to “good morning“, “here you have”, “thank you” and little else. A woman knows when someone feels attracted to her, knows how to promote such attraction or root it out if that’s what she wants. And this case corresponded the second option.

On days like today I usually end up pouring my good dose of sadism over some lucky slave. I’ll premiere the content of the package and I can not help but smile knowing that more than one will offer as a volunteer 馃榾

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