My choice

I choose who to let into my life just as I decide who comes out of it. Sometimes it’s a mental health issue, as there are people who just leads to problems and bad vibes.

I like to find the positive side of any situation or person but naturally I turn away from my side anyone who only brings negativity.

Whoever wants to wallow in self-pity and depression is free to do so, but I choose to enjoy my life and my environment.

It’s essential to say no when necessary, expressing our convictions and defending our space. No dramas, no arrogance, no hesitation. We prevent subsequent undesirable situations.

I choose the valid people, the real, the one that was there when nobody else was, who always has a genuine smile for me even if long time since seen me, who speaks with facts, who knows how to make me smile, who has initiatives and the value to carry them out.

Not all dresses make us all beautiful. I choose the ones that make me feel comfortable, sexy, sensual and above all, happy. And here you can read slaves instead of dresses ;)

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