You might like to play a role and make it fun for you, but when you’re not the only one in the game, others deserve to know you’re just playing.

If you’ve decided to surrender and you are accepted, you are submissive to the person you call Owner. Or slave, depends on the case.

If your Owner wants a simple D/s relationship and you have been in accordance with the requirements, deal with it or regain your freedom. It’s nice to get a collar but difficult to keep it.

Do not comment (much less promise) things you know you can’t keep. By the mouth the fish dies.

If you want to break the relationship, do it right, do not disappear like so many unpresentable guys that with the first effort (or fear to be sincere) vanish like smoke instead of requesting their freedom to the person to whom they surrendered theirselves.

Be in keeping with your reality and park nonsense. You can fool once or twice, but if the relationship is not based on sincerity, the expiry date will be engraved on your collar.

Discuss your circumstances clearly. If you want casual games and/or you can only afford an intermittent relationship, do not try to show that you put your life in the hands of the Owner. In that case the expiry date is even closer. Be frank and She will decide. If she accepts you with the cards face up, the relationship will be fabulous.

I dedicate this post to all those so abundant loudmouths.

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