Facts and laughs

Yesterday, chatting in a pub with a friend, she told me how sick she is about submissives who boast of a great experience, of knowing hundreds of Dominas, of trying it all, having clear ideas, of being willing to do whatever… but have never been seen with a beautiful collar on their necks.

Between laughter I went to the other side listing the wonderful qualities that some Dominas claim to possess, boasting of an extensive experience, having had hundreds of submissives, having tried everything, to have clear ideas, capable of anything… but we’ve never seen them in action, even photos or taking a drink at an event.

Well, we were joking between friends, nobody take the hint. Everyone knows, when women meet, the world shakes 馃榾

Yesterday post, Essential, was nothing but the finding of facts that occur every day.

But not dramatize. We are adults (or we are supposed to) and I do think it’s great that there are people who do not want to live FemDom beyond practices once in a while. Although it’s best to be honest. I also play with little sluts sometimes without major implications and attest that these sessions are no less intense 馃槈

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