Ignoring you

Not all of you enjoy being ignored, many do not understand this fetish, but I get emails like this:

Adored and respected CruelDama I look forward to see again the green light from your ignoreline to be punished with the whip of your indifference and have the privilege of listening your breath and your voice if I’m lucky.

So tender puppy Well then, enjoy the wait 馃榾

What pleasure do I get with my Ignore Line? Easy. The fun of knowing that on the other side of the phone there is a little vicious hoping to hear me a few minutes; I pick up my phone and follow with my life while he presents me with a small tribute with each passing minute.

The description of my VerifiedCall profile is very clear: This is an ignore line, a number to call me because you’re an inveterate gossip, in which you can listen and spy my conversations (if any) or whatever I’m doing. I will not speak with you, you’ll be completely ignored. Am I talking to another slave, taking a shower, smoking a cigarette, walking around town, doing a session or watching a movie? Now you can stay hung across the phone and I don’t care you’re there.

Another little pleasure. https://verifiedcall.com/profiles/CruelDama 馃槈

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