In some occasion I used my underwear to play with one of my slaves in public, putting it in his hand after a brief visit to the toilet at the restaurant table, or into his mouth for him to savor while I had my dinner and he was preparing for a great session (or having to go home alone with the consequent pain in the testicles, depending on my whim).

Burusera practice (that’s the name of this type of fetishism, ie buying/selling used underwear) is very common in Japan, where there are even physical stores dedicated to this kind of fetish. There is namasera variant, in which the seller wears her garment to where the buyer has been cited and there she delivers it.

Nowadays, to the delight of fetishists, there are complete websites where you can buy all kinds of items used by women and even bodily fluids, nails, hair…

I received a few proposals about my panties, but I’ve never decided, who knows? maybe they have not tempted me enough 馃榾

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