Punishment or reward

“What can I do to amend my error?” Somewhere deep inside you know very well how to. Nobody is perfect or infallible and even the best of slaves incurs in faults. But do not ask your Owner what you already know.

Submissives and slaves sometimes try to dodge the issue becoming fools or claiming ignorance. But you know your Domme. You know what pleases her and what can cause a conflict.

Sometimes there are unintentional errors, but you even realize these, although it’s often not necessary to mention them if the Owner observes your willingness to correct them and your own initiative striving in your submission. And, if she has to impose a punishment or corrective, she will let you know.

Many of you confuse punishment with a session, but a session is a time of mutual communion. I can punish with an intense spanking a slave who does not like pain, but never if he will enjoy it, because then it would not be a punishment.

My punishments are very different, depends on the error or fault committed, of the slave, of the importance it has and, above all, if it was on purpose, negligence or carelessness.

When something needs to be corrected I prefer psychological punishments, they are the most effective 馃榾

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