We choose how we spend our leisure. Reading, watching movies, taking a walk, meeting our friends… and quite a few unleash their frustrations on the internet.

There are friendly trolls who know to retire in time and others who exploit any hint of attention paid to release all the uncleanness they carry inside.

The anonymity provided by the Internet is the breeding ground for the most unbalanced personalities, where beings are born and grow when may well choose to stay not only on the deep web, but in some sort of infraweb apart.

Their goal is to annoy everyone who heed them for a while. And we see it constantly into networks and chats. Dominants, submissives, it’s great that you want to show everyone how witty and wonderful you are, but the more attention you pay them, them more joy they’ll have.

Oh, but if I block him I can not read what he says about me.” The weakness before the fear of being discredited is what feeds him.

The blocking button was invented for these cases: we avoid nonsense and select what we want to hide from our view. It’s very useful for me.

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