No. There is no the ideal world you imagine in your mind. People are not as you wish them to be. Maybe even you are not as you would like to be.

Are you frustrated by not being able to achieve your goals, do you disintegrate emotionally, run away from your responsibilities, blame others of not responding your expectations, looking for someone to solve your problems, replace reality with an imaginary world, react with a temper tantrum when nobody listen to you, wait that pat on your shoulder that never comes?

You yourself are solely responsible for your shipwrecks. If you don’t like your world, change it.

I know, it is a general issue, not only FemDom, but FemDom is made by people.

Today I write this paragraphs without a recipient in particular, perhaps are many, right? 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    You are the MOST intelligent person in the femdom lifestyle!!!!!

    slave braxton


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