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Not long now for the next party of the Oasis Of Sado. It will be on Friday 17 in the Dungeon of the Kings.

NeFeR and Marqu茅s de Zas will performance “The wax figure” and a we’ll have a great desire to see you all. And not just to see you 馃榾

I’ve been a few weeks a bit distanced from parties and events for all activities and daily responsibilities, but I look forward to meeting and playing with you all.

A drink with fetish atmosphere, a spanking on the cross, a relaxed conversation, a fantasy to share or just watch the action and chat with attendees?

We love welcoming our regulars and friends and get to know those who are coming for the first time. Although many allege fear having never attended a party of this kind, I assure you no one repents and, once tasted, the vast majority repeats.

Make a note of the date, next Friday we have an appointment 馃槈

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  1. I went to a fetish party here in the states with a pro-domme. She put me on a collar and leash (her choice) and walked me through the dungeon space. Every eye was on us. On her because she was stunning and on me was every eye of envy. It was exhilarating!!!!!!


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