In searching

I read and hear many Dommes saying they search a submissive with these or those characteristics. And countless submissives looking for their dreamed Owner.

I myself, even with several of them, do not rule out that at some point my ideal slave appears, that one in whom I’ll delegate a few responsibilities and will not disappoint me. But not something I seek. In fact, I didn’t seek any of my current properties. They searched me.

And I can still add more, most of them did not fulfill the characteristics they initially assumed I wanted. They just dared to take a few steps in the right direction. Obviously, after these initial steps there was a whole series of events that led to the imposition of the collar.

We see submissives pleading an opportunity with any Domina they intersect. Even several at once. And I really don’t care about the answer to my rhetorical question, but will anyway: such searches have a successful outcome?

Anyway, I immerse myself in my own thoughts, but here I leave you a food for thought 馃槈

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