Time goes by

And how it goes! In two weeks my blog will have two years of daily entries. And so many things have happened in this time interval!

Many submissives appeared (and disappeared) in my life. Having a little daily share on social networks helps my nick being more widely known. And here I write a bit of everything, but mainly about me, so since I started this blog I was noticing a significant increase in volume of emails I receive, although most remain unanswered.

I have met some great people (and many others not so great), I have visited the most unexpected places where you have recognized me and come to say hello, I get the most unusual proposals (and also some truly pathetic, I must say), I am attacked by some and admired by others…

But either way and, although initially did not suspect the acceptance my blog would have, I can say that my experience as a blogger is positive.

Many of you do not understand (or don’t accept) Financial Domination and it’s very respectable, not everyone have the same fetishes nor we like the same practices. However CruelDama is not only a Financial Domme, but a Dominant Woman who loves her lifestyle, ie, FemDom.

From the first post I showed myself as I am, demolishing myths and bringing to light a few issues still considered controversial. And I still do. Will I follow another couple of years? 馃槈

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  1. Yes Mistress please continue!


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