With only three days to the party in the dungeon, I’m leaving many ropes tied and hard work in the admin of my sites to disconnect from everything and enjoy that Friday night with everyone who come.

But do not forget that my PayPal account and my Amazon wish-list are always connected, little bitches. It’s great that you keep them active 馃榾

After this weekend I’ll return to a lot of things that have been parked for giving priority to others more important.

And therein consists all, to be clear about our priorities and procrastinating what’s less urgent. Especially when we accumulate projects or the circumstances require so.

I also have a pending trip, one of those we always defer, and I think it’s time to organize and materialize it.

Ugh, I need days of 30 hours and not just 24! lol

Anyway, I will trust the words of a good friend: A busy Domme is a successfull Domme 馃槈

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