Be positive

You’re right, my writing conveys positivity. Of course, I am a very positive woman and I love to enjoy my life.

But I’m human and as such, this Goddess of flesh and blood has her moments. And yes, the bad times are short for me 馃榾

Why should I waste my time with bitterness having so much to do? How am I going to let any nonsense paralyze me having so much to live?

I’m not a stereotype. I’m not an embittered in a bad mood all day looking at the world over her shoulder. I don’t scream nonsense for all to see what I’m supposed to.

I think the detail is precisely this: I am not what I’m supposed to be, I am myself.

My smile disappears only when I have to be serious and I can say that even in some sessions I laugh a lot. Some say that my smile is a poem when I’m spanking and torturing, that is noticed how much I enjoy it.

And I know it’s true. A happy face is hard to hide. But also I have a wonderful pocker face during a psychological pressure and, of course, imposing a punishment.

But problems also affect human Goddesses. Happens that to air them and whining is not for me, I prefer to resolve them and move forward 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Your blog has become my daily religion. Thank you very much for your efforts!

    slave braxton


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