The stable

I don’t need to brag about my properties, indeed, when you ask me how many slaves I have, I smile and answer: a few 馃槈

Although I am a strong supporter of the system of stables (a Lady has fun in many different ways), what I am not is a collector. Better quality than quantity. Always.

Why would I want a dozen clones drooling behind me through social networks if they will not mean anything else for me?

No, I do not collect pooches. I interview many, test a few… but just stay with the best. And you will not see those wearing my collar wasting time over there. They are too busy 馃榾

Some imagine a literal stable, where slaves are piled up and I release them from time to time to play, lol. No, my stable is composed of real people, real slaves, with a life and work and family obligations as everyone. But they know who they belong to, who they are accountable and just kneel at a snap of my fingers (although there are some smartass who try to steal one from time to time) 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Slaves are like jello no? There is always room for more.

    slave braxton


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