A little bit of sarcasm

I read such wonderful phrases as: “willing to relocate”, “all I need is a little space in your house”, “I’d love to be tied in your dungeon”, “I love your outfit”…

We must have a very well equipped dungeon, spectacular fetish clothing and footwear (we’ve got a tree in the garden of our mansions where new clothes are born every morning and we send our slaves there to pick them up). Who would think about money when subs already provide us with all their submission? Aw, yes, if they dislike anything, they disappear to seek fortune in other places.

The imagination of some is really prolific. As we are Dommes, we do not need to eat, we just need the submission of slaves we will settle at home 馃槈

And, needless to say, if the issue of money goes through our heads, is that we are greedy bitches.

All that is fine. Free house, free support, dungeon and fetish costumes for the privileged is filled with lovely things… and everything to please them making all what they like that we do them. And long live to submission! :)))

And that the money is a fetish for some of us will not be taken into consideration, of course. What foolishness!

PS- I leave for another while that of pathetic attempts to emotional manipulation.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I cannot stop thinking about you!!!!! I am consumed.

    slave braxton


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